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2022 Top Pool Skimmers
2022 Top Pool Skimmers

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Best 5 Inground Pool Skimmer Net 2023

Best 5 Inground Pool Skimmer Net

  • Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net
  • Anothera Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net
  • Urchind Pool Skimmer Net
  • Bucket Lidz Triluca Pool Skimmer
  • MIYA Pool Net – 8FT Pool Skimmer with Medium Bag


1. Stargoods Pool Skimmer Net, Heavy Duty Leaf Rake Cleaning Tool, Fine Mesh Net Bag Catcher

Strong and durable frame with rounded borders and mesh net bag. Long-lasting accessory for the easiest pool maintenance. Pool leaf cleaner with deep fine-mesh bag handles both big clean-ups and small debris-like leaves with just a few passes. The universal holder fits any telescopic pole to extend your reach and pick leaves from the bottom of the pool (pole not included). Efficient in scooping up debris with rounded borders that guarantee the frame will not damage your swimming pool finish. Keep your pool clean with minimal effort. The fastest way to clean your pool, suitable for above and inground pools



Having owned an inground pool for twenty years, I’ve gone through a half dozen nets/skimmers. This one is the best by far. It’s very lightweight, quick, and easy to flip/empty contents and the beveled edge is a perfect angle -even though my pool has a ‘bowl’ for the deep end. It has cut the time it takes to get the leave, grass clippings, bugs, and even the nuisance mulberries. I advised our local pool store to stock these.

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2. Anothera Upgraded Pool Skimmer Net, Heavy Duty Leaf Rake for Cleaning Swimming Pool & Pond

High-quality plastic frame and polypropylene deep bag fine mesh & pool accessories. Long-lasting accessory for the easiest pool maintenance(pole not included). The product size is 19.8″ x 11.6″ x 1.77″ . It has a maximum 17.7″x7.5″ opening and 13.0″ deep bag provide enough capacity, To help more easily collect the bugs and particle, debris. The universal holder fits any telescopic pole to extend your reach and pick leaves from the bottom of the pool. Pool leaf cleaner with deep fine-mesh bag handles both big clean-ups and small debris-like leaves with just a few passes. Fine mesh netting efficiently scoops up leaves, even the tiniest bugs, and particles. The skimmer net is widely used for cleaning Above Ground Inground Swimming Pool Hot Tub Spa Pond



You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get an effective product that performs as stated. This fits my pole the net is flexible and is sturdy. The net depth will scoop the entire pool without emptying. You can also scoop along the bottom of the pool.

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3. Urchind Pool Skimmer Net, Sturdy Frame Pool Skimmer

The pool skimmer net with wider and inclined scoop edges is easy for debris and leaves scooping. The smooth corner design of the pool skimmer, protecting the liner of the pool. Reinforced frame structure and premium skimmer net lead to longer lifetime. For easier attachment of the pool leaf net to a standard pool pole (pole is excluded but available in our store) , There are two sets of buttons. Press the upper set of buttons to guide the lower set of buttons into the holes on your pole. This reduces risk of pinching fingers. Carry out your pool cleaning with minimal time and less efforts, suitable for above and inground pools.



Tabs make it easy to attach/detach from pole without getting pinched. Also lighter than previous ones I have had, so very easy to use.

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4. Bucket Lidz Triluca Pool Skimmer

Made with ultra-fine mesh, our pool net can capture even the smallest particles from water to help extend filter life. Don’t fight using a large pool net; our small net offers more control when using it by hand or after attaching it to a long pool pole. Boasting a 14” opening, our triple-stitched nylon net is attached to a strong, stable frame to reduce bending while pushing water. We craft each pool skimmer net right here in the United States so you know you’re getting a high-quality product you can trust. Our pool pro mesh skimmer is great for backyard pools and home use, or for pool pros looking to expand their tool kits.



I live in Florida where there are plenty of bugs, pollen, and debris that fall in my pool. The skimmer does a decent job, but there are always small amounts of pollen and small bugs that still float in my pool. This skimmer does the job at cleaning up very small debris. I have had it for about a month and I use it exclusively over the regular blue skimmer that I had for years that let much of the smaller debris pass through. Highly recommended for anyone with a pool to take out smaller bugs and pollen.

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5. MIYA Pool Net – 8FT Pool Skimmer with Medium Bag

The pool leaf skimmer is equipped with an ultra-fine mesh netting bag basket, measured 13.2″ long, 11.8″ wide, and 4″ deep, which could keep almost all the debris away from spas, hot tubs, ponds, swimming pools or above the ground swimming pool. Heavy duty aluminum alloy frame, superior to the pond net with plastic frame, won’t bend, twist or break under load. The mesh of the net is embedded in it and will not come off. Our pond skimmer rake consists of multiple connecting 1.3FT middle rods. The length could be adjusted as your need. The unique design makes the pool leaf skimmer could be installed within seconds and come to use, the disassemble and the store will also be really simple. The pole of the hot tub skimmer is made of lightweight high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees a long-life use of the item and will not rust. All MIYA products provide three-year quality assurance and pursue 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any questions.



When I unpackaged and assembled this net I wasn’t very impressed. That changed today. Never have owned a pool net that worked any better. Whether pushing it or pulling it, it grabs a mouthful of pool debris. Highly recommended.

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