About Pool Owners Academy

Pool Owners Academy was created to share helpful information about caring for your pool. From equipment to pool health, I want to provide you with simple and straightforward answers that make taking care of your pool easy.

The Pool Owners Academy Story

As the founder of Pool Owners Academy I want to help people better understand their pool, products and upkeep.

So why pool care? In this day and age, the internet is everyone’s go-to source for many questions regarding their swimming pool. I noticed that there weren’t many reliable internet sources that provided straightforward and simple answers to pool care questions.

Pool Owners Academy is here to provide solutions that a real pool owner discovered! These solutions are easy and do-it-yourself. You can find answers by scrolling through our lists of swimming pool articles; if you don’t see what you’re looking for just hold on! We’re publishing new articles every month!

Matt McWilliams
Editor of Pool Owners Academy

A few pictures of my current pool:

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