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Top Floating Volleyball Sets for Pool
Top Floating Volleyball Sets for Pool


Top 5 Floating Volleyball Sets for Pool

Top 5 Floating Pool Volleyball Sets

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play in your pool, then consider investing in one of the top floating volleyball ball sets. Volleyball is a great way to stay active and have fun with friends or family, and with a floating set, you can take the game anywhere there’s water. With there being so many different types and brands of floating volleyball sets available, what is the right pool volleyball set for you? While there are various options, we have narrowed down all of the options and created this list of our top five floating volleyball sets for a pool to make it easier for you.

The Top 5 Floating Volleyball Sets for Pool:

While we have listed our picks, it’s important to consider how often you’ll be playing, what type of pool you have, and your budget. Then once you’ve narrowed down your options, take a look at the following reviews to find the best floating volleyball set for your needs. So, with all of this in mind, let’s take a look at our top five volleyball sets for pool in order to help make this decision easier for you!

Top Floating Volleyball Sets for Pool

1. JOYIN Inflatable Pool Float Set Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops

This floating volleyball net is the perfect way to enjoy summertime. Made with a high-quality material that lasts for years, this inflatable net will keep you entertained and comfortable all day long! You can have your own private beach party with this set! The inflatable pool float includes an inflatable volleyball court, two weight bags and a basketball hoop. You also get two balls – one for each team of course. So, this will be the perfect gift for all your friends and family who spend time by the pool, this pack has great value, as it contains a wide range of toys that are both fun in water or on land. With items like basketballs to volleyball rackets you’ll be sure find something everyone will enjoy!


Easy to set up, put rocks in the weighted bags to hold it down, it was a hit at all the cookouts this summer. Overall happy with it.

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2. KIDDITOY Pool Volleyball Set & Basketball Hoop

Every family is worth having, our pool games set includes an inflatable pool volleyball court. Get relief from the heat with the inflatable swimming game pool toys. Create memories with family and friends that will last a lifetime with this pool volleyball set from KIDDITOY. The competitive rush you get from playing this pool game is sure to hook players of all ages! Just imagine the action-packed play style of volleyball, but without the hassle of setting up. Instead, jump straight into the game where everyone will be having hours of fun. With this volleyball set, time will fly by and it will be guaranteed.


My family and I have a lot of fun with this set! Instead of using the sand bags to hold the volleyball net in place, I use rope (included with this set) and tie each side to a pool leg. I have a 20’ round above ground pool. The width of this inflatable works nicely with my pool size. While the size of the inflatable volleyball is fun (it’s big), I recommend buying a heavier pool volleyball. The basketball hoop is fun too.

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3. Sloosh Inflatable Volleyball Net & Basketball Hoops Pool Float Set

This Sloosh inflatable volleyball net and basketball hoops pool float set is the perfect Summer essentials for friends and family gatherings! As now kids and adults can now use this summer toys set as this is not only limited to one game, they could play volleyball or basketball, whichever they like! This makes this set of pool essentials ideal for pool parties and fun activities during the Summer! It can even be used as outdoor pool decorations. Another great aspect of this product is that it is easy to set up. Simply inflate the toys and use the two weight bags as an anchor for the inflatable volleyball court so that it will stay in place without unnecessary movements while playing. Then just start playing and you are guaranteed to have tons of fun, all while you are beating this Summer heat.


Great price and product! I’d recommend throwing the basketball and volleyball directly in the garbage. It’s easy to pick up a ball that’ll work very nice for the basketball hoop. To take the place of the volleyball, we use a beachball. The balls that are supplied are crap. But, the hoop and net are SWEET! They’re tough, large, and pretty neat! This is our first summer with them, hopefully they store well. All-in-all, I’d recommend this set for sure! I would buy it again if we happen to destroy this one.

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4. GoSports Splash Net Air, Inflatable Pool Volleyball Game

Dive into pool volleyball action this summer with GoSports Splash Net Air! This will upgrade your pool day fun with epic spikes and rallies with this huge net that is made with sturdy construction. This is so to withstand pool splashing fun and resist tipping over. The unique rapid valve allows you inflate and deflate this set up to ten times faster than other traditional valves. Thus allowing you to have an instant setup and start the great summer time fun! The complete set includes one premium 9.5 foot wide and 3.25 foot tall size net, one standard volleyball with ball pump, and one extra-large volleyball to accommodate players of all skill levels.


Super easy set up. Fun for everyone – we all had a blast using this (from age 6 through age 44!) Brought to a beach vacation home for the week. Would definitely buy this again!

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5. GoSports Splash Net PRO Pool Volleyball Net Includes 2 Water Volleyballs and Pump

This final item on this list is another net from GoSports, with their Splash Net Pro Pool Volleyball Set. This set includes adjustable volleyball net with side posts, two water volleyballs, and a premium ball pump with inflation needle. There are many benefits to this volleyball set over the others. With the best being that the Splash Net Pro set is compatible with virtually any in-ground pool and its adjustable net reaches maximum width of 25 feet! The other great benefit is that the bases are water filled rather than inflatable, so it will keep your net upright and prevent tipping over for hours of splashing fun in the pool. So, if you are looking for something great for pool parties or just some backyard fun, look no further than with the Volleyball Splash Net Pro.


Easy to put the net up/take it back down. It’s bigger than I was expecting and it’s great that it comes with two volleyballs and a pump. We’ve used it a lot this summer, fun for the kids and adults

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A pool volleyball set is a great way to have some summer fun with friends and family. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment, but it’s also a great workout. We’ve listed our picks for the top five floating volleyball sets for pool on the market. Whether you are looking for an affordable option or something that is more high-end, we’ve got you covered. As any of these options from this list of the top pool volleyball sets will be an excellent choice! So, what are you waiting for? Get your family and friends together and get ready to have some fun in the sun! Thanks for reading!

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