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Top Stabilized Tablets for Pool
Top Stabilized Tablets for Pool

Pool Care

Our Top 5 Picks for Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Swimming Pools

We all know that chemicals are used to keep swimming pools clean and operational. Chlorine is the most well-known and recognized chemical utilized in swimming pools. Many individuals are unaware that if chlorine is not combined with a pool stabilizer, they could be wasting money, time, and even their health.

What Are Stabilized Chlorine Tablets Used For In A Pool?

Pool tables are a type of pool stabilizer that is also known as pool conditioners, chlorine stabilizers, or cyanuric acid (CYA). Its goal is to keep the chlorine in your pool water stable. This will help to keep your water clean for longer.

This is especially significant if your pool is located outside and exposed to the sun’s UV radiation. When water from the sun is broken down by UV rays, chlorine can begin to evaporate, leaving little free chlorine in the pool water. If you don’t add a pool stabilizer, your pool’s chlorine will be almost totally gone in a few hours.

How To Use A Pool Tablet?

There are a variety of tablets, powders, and other forms of stabilization available. They’re also available in combination with sticks, as well as chlorine shock. Because the stabilizer is combined with the sanitizer in these mixtures, they are referred to as stabilized chlorine. We strongly advise you against using any of these alternatives.

The Advantages of Stabilized Chlorine Tablets


  • A single product with two chemicals

It’s Simple To Use.

  • Typically, no further cyanuric acid is needed.

A Real-Time Saver

  • All you need to do is add the chlorine and cyanuric acid together in one container.

It Is A Money Saver

  • You’ll need less chlorine.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free method of sanitizing your pool, then stabilized chlorine tablets are the best choice! They offer quick and easy sanitization, while also helping to save time and money. To learn more about 3″ stabilized chlorine tablets, contact your local pool supply store today.​

What Are The Top 5 3″ Stabilized Chlorine Tablets for Sanitizing Swimming Pools?

1. Individually Wrapped, Slow Dissolving – 90% Available Chlorine – Tri-Chlor – 10 Pounds

The Swim 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, allowing them to dissolve slower and protect your pool water for longer. Moreover, 3-inch chlorine tablets are the ideal size for your floaters or automatic feeders. These industry-leading chlorine tabs have 90% available stabilized chlorine for long-lasting sanitizing power. floaters or automatic feeders. These industry-leading chlorine tabs have 90% available stabilized chlorine for long-lasting sanitizing power.


These chlorine cookies are fantastic. Dissolves slowly and evenly, so my levels are always perfect. Just take care opening the bags so they don’t crumble… I use scissors. Bonus: In The Swim will send you nifty coupon postcards now and then.

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2. pro-life NST Tablets

profile Exclusive Pool Care Collection NST is an alternative to 3″ tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid. Perfect for use in a skimmer, this product will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over-stabilizing your pool water or adding additional cyanuric acid to your water. Each long-lasting tablet will continuously sanitize your pool in the skimmer for up to one week! This product is an innovative, patented technology that provides long-lasting, slow-dissolving chlorination. It’s compatible for use with pools equipped with salt chlorine generators to help maintain the proper sanitization level.


I bought the Pro-life NST Tablets to help lower the cyanuric acid in the pool. Who knew that my other chlorine tabs were increasing the amount of chlorine needed to sanitize the pool due to the cyanuric acid in the tablets. I didn’t know why my pool was full of algae with all the chemicals we were using. The culprit was the other chlorine tablets with added cyanuric acid I had been using for years. I have been using Poolife NST Tablets for over half a year and my algae problem is gone. Just bought my second bucket.

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3. Clorox Pool&Spa XtraBlue 3″ Long Lasting Chlorinating Tablets 25 lb

Prevents equipment corrosion, surface stains, and scale. Enriched with a chlorine stabilizer to extend the life of your clean. Contains conditioners for silky smooth feeling water. Maintain 1 to 4 parts-per-million of Free Chlorine by applying tablets weekly. Apply chlorinating tablets to your feeder, skimmer, or floater. Your pool chemistry can change quickly. Test your pool water weekly to ensure your chlorine and pH remain within optimal swimming ranges.


Nothing more I can say about these except they are great and balance the water extremely well. I have a lot of water evaporation where I live and this seems to work well with tablets like these. HTH also has comparable tabs but Clorox has come into the picture with a very good product worthy of using. These are 3″ white tabs but with some additional compounds to balance water and keep it that way. You can’t go wrong with these for a pool like mine. I have concrete with plaster and a painted surface. It’s holding up well. Keeping chemicals balanced will keep the surface longer and I am seeing this firsthand. Good product here


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4. HTH 42034 Super 3″ Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pools, 25 lbs

HTH Super 3” Chlorinating tablets keep your swimming pool clean and clear by sanitizing water and protecting chlorine from the sun. This formula includes built-in algae protection and a clarifier for amazing pool care. Apply tablets to feeders, floaters, or skimmer baskets, which dissolve slowly and last up to one week. Great for vinyl-lined and saltwater pools. About the Brand: HTH was developed for consumers with economical and powerful products for the toughest jobs. HTH and its sister brands offer everything you need for your pool, from algaecides and deposit control formulas to non-chlorine shock treatments, powerful surface cleaners, and more. If you like HTH, check out some of the other similar brands from our parent company, Sigura, like Applied Biochemists, Leisure Time, GLB, Spa Selections, and PooLife. Segura has a long heritage of developing innovative water treatment solutions for use in pools, lakes, ponds, hot tubs, and more. At Sigura, we have an unparalleled commitment to delivering superior water treatments that improve the environment and enhance the security, health, and safety of our global communities. With our innovation and simple, intuitive solutions that anticipate needs, Sigura customers feel more secure as they enjoy their pools, spas, ponds, and lakes.


I hesitated after reading some other reviews claiming they received far less than the advertised 25lb weight, or that they were all smashed into pieces. As you can see in the pictures I received exactly what was advertised. Only one tablet was broken into several pieces, which is acceptable considering the transit conditions. I moved these tablets into my 50lb bucket since it has a tighter air seal. I counted exactly 50 tablets, including the broken one.

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5. In The Swim Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Granular Pool Shock

Swimming pool shock treatments are an essential aspect of spring pool opening but can also be used to give your pool a quick chlorine boost. Cal-Chlor Chlorine Granular is a strong pool shock treatment that is used to kill algae and bacteria as well as other harmful water contaminants. It is also a great shock to use for Spring pool openings. Use our Cal-Chlor Chlorine Granular to kill visible algae blooms and invisible bacteria, which could cause illness to swimmers. Your daily chlorination of the pool will kill most bacteria and other contaminants. To be sure that the water is completely sanitary, it is best to super chlorinate by shocking the pool every few weeks. Doing this also allows you to oxidize everything in the water, especially the various contaminants that may exist in the water.


After having an over-stabilized pool at the end of the season for the past two years, we tried this. No stabilizer in this product. We used it as shock and used it to chlorinate the pool up until July 7th, when we switched to a stabilized tablet for three weeks of the heat spell in July. Then, back to this product. We also made a batch of bleach for laundry during the pandemic, when we could not find any bleach on the grocery store shelves. Probably going to use this routine next year. July is hard to keep chlorine in the pool, so stabilized tablets are the way to go. Unfortunately, even with the stabilized chlorine, we get a bit of alga on the shady side. This product keeps the algae away. But it is a daily routine to put a small amount of chlorine in the pool every evening.

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