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How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing
How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing

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How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing?

How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When Mowing

No matter how grass clippings end up in your pool, they are a problem you need to solve. Clogged filters and difficulty cleaning are only two of the many issues caused by wayward blades of grass. To feel good about your home and keep your pool in pristine condition, you need to know how to keep grass out of your pool when you are mowing. So, how to keep grass out of your pool when you are mowing? One of the best ways to keep grass out of your pool is to maintain your swimming pool as you should.

Now that you know one of the best ways to keep grass out of your pool when you are mowing, let’s examine more ways to do this and more!

How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing

What Are The Best Methods To Keep The Grass Out Of The Pool?

While maintaining your pool regularly is key to keeping the grass out of your pool. Many other methods can make your pool even less grassy. While doing all of these will stop most of the grass it is nearly impossible to stop all grass from getting into the pool So enjoy your time with your family and friends in the pool do not let that ruin the great summer months.

There Needs To Be Some Distance Between The Swimming Area And The Grass

If you are thinking about adding a pool or renovating the area around an existing one, take into account the distance between your lawn and the pool. There needs to be a 4-foot wide border.

  • This would be ideal so that there is enough space for guests to walk comfortably around the pool, making it safer.
  • Aside from saving you time, creating a border between the pool and lawn with decking also protects your investment.
  • Garden debris like grass clippings is less likely to be carried into the water by wind if there is more space between them, which also saves you time.

How to Keep the Grass Clippings Out of Your Pool

You Could Add A Foot Bath

The most basic and affordable way to reduce the amount of grass that enters your pool is by installing a foot bath.

  • This will prevent people from tracking grass into the pool when they come in with it on their feet.
  • By having a foot bath available, they can rinse their feet off before getting in, so that any clippings are left behind.
  • Foot baths don’t have to be anything fancy, though they certainly could if you’re willing to put in the effort.
  • That said, a large plastic tub or even a small inflatable pool by the actual pool will suffice.
  • For something a little more permanent, a cement tray can be installed nearby. Remember that whatever your solution, the water should be easily changed out so don’t get anything too large.

Don’t forget to clean the foot bath once you’re done using it. All the grass clippings will be stuck in there, so give it a good hose down until the water runs clear and there’s no debris left.

An Outdoor Shower Could Be Installed

In a similar vein to the above, you can install an outdoor shower for guests to rinse off any debris before entering the pool. This is also good for hygiene so the free chlorine in your pool doesn’t get used up so quickly.

Just like the foot bath, the outdoor shower also does not need to be anything fancy. It can literally just be a nozzle and head attached to the deck of your pool. Of course, if you have the budget for something fancier, then go for it.

The key here is that the shower needs to be installed close to the pool. The shower must also be next to a grass-free walkway so that one can shower and walk to the pool without tracking more grass along the way, defeating the purpose.

Install a hardscape

While it’s true that swimmers can track grass clippings into your pool, the next major cause of them entering your pool is due to yard work.

  • It’s true, if you have a yard then mowing it becomes mandatory.
  • What’s more, grass clippings often end up strewn about in the air–even when your lawnmower has a built-in catcher.
  • Try to avoid such an annoying outcome, consider investing in hardscaping.
  • Hardscaping refers to any material that is durable and low-maintenance–unlike a traditional lawn.
  • Some popular options for hardscaping include stamped concrete, pavers, or natural stone.

Keep in mind that this solution is expensive. However, they are an effective and permanent solution to ensure that most grass clippings don’t enter the pool.

A Garden Bed Is A Great Idea

Keep your lawn and pool area separated by adding a garden bed in between them – this will make it much less likely for grass clippings to enter the water.

  • A garden bed can either be created by planting flowers or other plants in the ground, or you could use raised beds.
  • The latter is a great option if you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of a traditional garden.
  • You can find premade raised garden beds at most home improvement stores. All you need to

Not only are garden beds dual-purpose, but they also add beauty to your lawn and swimming pool. In other words, it kills two birds with one stone! If you feel that your outdoor space is looking a little dull, consider planting a garden bed.

How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing

A Grass Catching Lawn Mower Is a Great Idea

The grass catcher is the bag that collects all the grass clippings from the lawnmower. This will reduce greatly the amount of clipping left on your lawn or tracked into your pool by the wind.

  • A good grass catcher should have a tight seal so that no clippings can escape.
  • It should also be easy to detach and empty when full.
  • While it is an additional cost, we feel that the investment is well worth it in the long run.

After all, it will save you time and effort in the future. Not to mention, it’s important for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy.

  • Fitting a grass catcher onto your lawn mower, whether it’s manual or electric, will save you the post-mowing chore of raking up clippings.
  • Depending on the size of your yard, you may have to empty the bag several times during one lawn-mowing session.
  • However, this is much more convenient than having loose grass clippings strewn about your yard. In addition, using a grass catcher results in neater-looking yards with less effort expended.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and preventative solution to grass clippings getting into your pool, then get right to the heart of the problem and collect the grass clippings with a grass catcher right as you mow them.

How to Keep Grass Out of Your Pool When You Are Mowing


Grass clippings can be pesky and difficult to avoid. By adding the right precautions, you can keep most of the grass out of your pool. Try one (or all) of the solutions above to feel confident and proud of your home once again. Maintenance is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Walking around your home, you should feel good about the property that you have. It can be difficult to feel good when there is a never-ending battle with grass clippings. By following the tips above, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep the grass out of your pool – and feel good about your home in the process.

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